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Jonathon McLoughlin
Director & Occupational Therapist

Jonathon McLoughlin

Jonathon graduated in 2013 from the University of South Australia. He started his professional career in Vocational Rehab and helping people return to work. He then moved into paediatrics during 2014 and began his paediatric career. He has worked within private practice, government and large not for profit organisations. Jonathon’s aim throughout his career is to make therapy a place to thrive and learn, and then to work with families on how to integrate this into everyday life.

Jonathon’s practice highlights include time spent working within a kindergartens/schools and in-clinic in South Australia, where he provided group and individual therapy for at risk clients. He also worked for Disability SA and Disability QLD, where he built parent support programs, and provided therapy to families and children. An experience that has stayed with Jonathon for his career was a time where he found himself in Cambodia within a small rural town named Chuuk supporting the community and children with a disability within the community. Here he worked with children with a variety of disabilities along with their school, families and community to build their capacities to live more independently.

Jonathon’s particular interests fall in sensorimotor therapy, sensory integration therapy, sensory processing, and attachment therapy. His aim and focus is to provide sustainable therapy and to help children get to a time whereby they can grow and achieve outside of therapy.